Now you can special order your used car just like you would order a new one!
   Order virtually any year, make, model, mileage, options .. even color and Good Car Solutions can usually have that vehicle delivered to your door in about 2 to 3 weeks.

   We hand pick our customers' cars from over 150,000 cars that are available to us each week. We carefully check their condition, background and any issues that might affect their value. Most of our cars are inspected four separate times before we deliver them.
There is NO risk to our clients.

   We absolutely guarantee that the vehicle will be exactly how it was described at the time the deal is signed or the customer does not have to accept the vehicle and all deposits are returned. 
   Our cars are reconditioned (dings, scrapes and scratches are repaired) and are professionally detailed before they are delivered.

   We acquire most of our vehicles (about 90%) from the US and for the following three reasons:
    1 - they tend to be from the southern US (mostly CA, AZ and NV) where they have not likely ever seen snow, salt or gravel.
    2 - the selection of used cars is vastly greater in the US and for late-model, luxury or near-luxury cars the selection is probably 20 to 1 vs Canada
    3 - they are typically significantly less expensive.
  Good Car Solutions main goals are:
#1 - Save our customers money.
#2 -Make the car-buying experience the best they have ever had.
We do this by providing absolutely outstanding service throughout the shopping, purchase/delivery, and post-sale stages of the process.
Our Business is built on customer satisfaction - Please see our Testimonials

We have extensive relationships with the best vehicle service specialists in Calgary and as a part our commitment to outstanding service we assist all of our customers with all of their vehicle care needs including: service, repair, collision/touch-up work, tires and everything automotive.  Because of our connections we are able to help our customers get the best service and save money
Please call now or send us an email to let us find your next vehicle!
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