How It Works

The way we work is as follows:
You tell us the vehicle that you're after including as much information as possible about the things that are important to you. Year (range if applicable), Make & Model(s), Mileage, Features, Options, Color(s) and everything that you absolutely must have, would like to have and won't put up with. The more specific you are, the easier it is for us to find exactly what you want (within reason) and to present you with possibilities that closely match your requirements. Of course we need to have an idea of how much you want to spend to get the vehicle you want as well. Once we have gathered all that information, we search anywhere from 150 - 250 thousand vehicles that are available to us each week in North America. We then narrow down the selection to the best one or two that meet your requirements and we send you pictures (if available) and as much information as we can about the vehicle's condition and history. Along with that we will give you a price that includes everything (except gst) to have the vehicle in your driveway. All inspections, importation and "Canadianization" (If applicable) completed, detailed and already in Alberta Registries. If we agree upon a car and a price, we will give you a Bill of Sale and collect a deposit of about 10%. The balance is only due upon delivery of the car and if for any reason the car is not what we represented it to be, you don't have to take it and your deposit is 100% refunded (this has never happened). We assume all of the risk on the car and therefore make sure it is right or we won't take it either. If warranty is available (almost all the cars we sell do have it from the factory) we will do everything that is required to have it activated. There is no risk at all to you and we guarantee to deliver the car we say we will.
Service Levels - We Provide 3 Distinct Levels of Service.
1) Advice/Paperwork - $500 + gst
We will advise you of every step that has to be completed and assist you with making sure all the paperwork and inspections are completed. You buy the car, transport it and take full responsibility for it's condition and serviceability.
2) Logistics Support - $1,500 + gst and expenses.
We will take the funds from you in CDN $, buy the car with them (convert to USD and wire them to the dealer), transport the car back to Canada (normally drive it), do all the import documentation (we provide our own customs brokerage so there is no charge for that) and inspections and have it ready to be registered in Canada when it is delivered to you. You still buy the car and take full responsibility for it's condition and serviceability.
3) Full Service Option - This is all inclusive for the entire service.
We only take about 10% as a deposit. We buy the car on your behalf with our money. We complete everything that is required for transportation and importation and deliver it to you ready to register in Canada. We also do any reconditioning (dents, scrapes, scratches etc removed) that is required and have it professionally detailed. You only pay the balance upon delivery of the vehicle and we guarantee that the car will be what we said it is or you don't have to take it and your deposit is refunded. We take all the risk and responsibility for the vehicle.
Please give us a call (403-770-6169) with any further questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.